Contained on this page will be all the information you need to know when you participate in The Gandalf World Tour! Everything from how to upload your photos to reporting issues.

Gandalf World Tour Cases #1 & #2

There are two cases which contain the Gandalf World Tour figures; One for the US and the other for International tours. So yes, it is possible for Gandalf to be in two places at once! 😛


The Tour officially kicked off at Comic-Con 2011 at TheOneRing.net’s panel, and will conclude July 12th 2012 at Comic-Con 2012!

Requesting Gandalf

If you are interested in participating in the Gandalf World Tour, click here!

Possessing Gandalf

When you receive Gandalf, check and make sure that the figure is in good shape and ready for his close-up. You should try to take your photos and transfer Gandalf to the next fan ASAP with a target of 1-3 days. Obviously, the more fans that get a chance, the more photos/locations we will get.

Finding out who’s the Next Fan on Tour?

To find out who the next fan in line is please contact the TORn Representative at fandalf @ theonering.net.

The “Gandalf Handoff” (Transferring Gandalf from one Fan to the next)

Once you know who the next fan is, contact them and arrange for a “Gandalf Handoff.” Fans are encouraged to document the handoff and upload photos to our public group on Flickr. [Gandalf World Tour Group] Don’t forget to geo-target your photos (if available) and add a description of the event! (Be sure you have permission from all parties before uploading photos, etc.)

Uploading your images to the Gandalf World Tour Flickr Account

Once you have photographed Gandalf at an appropriate local landmark, then choose the best 1-3 photos from your shoot and upload a high resolution version in JPG format to Gandalf World Tour Group.

Tagging & Geo-Locating your Photos

When uploading photos remember to tag photos with keywords that describe the event. Include your city, state and any other interesting tags that might draw attention to your photo. Please also include the following tags: Gandalf World Tour, TheOneRing.net and The Hobbit.

Use geotagging (If camera or cell phone has capabilities) so your photo can easily be added to our world map. If the photo is not automatically geotagged, go to Organize & Create and select Your Map. Zoom in as close as possible to drag and drop your photo onto the map in the location where it was taken.

Caption photos!

Please take some time to appropriately title and add descriptions to your photos. It would be great if you could start the title or description with ‘Gandalf visits…‘ or ‘Gandalf at …‘ Feel free to get creative! We’d love to hear as much about your experience with the Gandalf World Tour as possible!

If there is a problem…

• If Gandalf is Damaged, Document, communicate and repair if you can.
• If Gandalf is Lost
• If you are having technical problems uploading images, or Geo-Locating them…

Simply email us at fandalf @ theonering.net