The Grey Pilgrim rides again!

The Grey Pilgrim rides again!

It’s been a while since we’ve had an update here – Gandalf must have had business elsewhere, as a wizard often does – but here’s the latest! Gandalf in Europe is currently travelling around Italy, taking in some fabulous landmarks in places such as Pisa and Rome.  If there’s time, he may make a quick stop in Switzerland – though he may be obliged to say, ‘Now, I have no time!’ and jump on that transatlantic eagle to head back to San Diego. The American Mithrandir made it over to the East side of the country!  Recently, he’s been in Atlanta and then New England, where he stopped off in Rhode Island, Boston and Concord – taking time to tell the British army ‘You shall not pass!” at the...

Gandalf on the move again in France

Gandalf got a bit stuck in France. But since last week he is on the move again. Saruman probably noticed he was back on the road, so he brought a snowstorm to the region where he is now. But we know the Grey Wizard does have some tricks to stop those storms. After one more stop in France he will be on his way to visit Italy.

Gandalf has visited Paris

After some fun time at RingCon and the World Premiere of Tintin, Gandalf continued his travels to France. He first stopped just of the Belgium border in Lille to celebrate Halloween and catch some of the wonderful sites around Lille. In Paris and Saint Denis Gandalf joined a big group of Tolkien fans who showed him around the city. He did have some amazing times, but he had to keep on traveling to meet more European fans. Last week he traveled to Longvic, close to Dijon, in the South of France where he will spend a little time before heading into la dolce vita of Italy. For pictures of RingCon, Brussels, Lille and Saint Denis go to the Tour Photos page. Pictures of Paris will follow shortly.

Gandalf goes to school

During Gandalf’s recent swing through Southern California he stopped by a local high school to check on the progress of the students. By the looks of things, it appears Tolkien is well loved at this school. The teacher, Miss Burke, had this to say about the visit.   “This is my 11th grade English Honors class at Walnut High School in Walnut, CA. They were so pumped about having Gandalf in the class– some were not wanting him to leave!”   She also took Gandalf to the beach for a surfing lesson, but a camera malfunction prevented any pictoral proof of said lessons. Me thinks Gandalf was just too shy to be seen in a wetsuit and he conjured a spell to dissuade the camera from working...

Gandalf goes to Disneyland

On October 1, 2011 Gandalf went to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. He shopped on Main Street USA, visited with Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, ran away from a rather large whale, climbed the Matterhorn, and hung out with an Alumni from Mordor University. Busy day for the Grey Wanderer, no wonder he lost his hat. For more pics, please see the link on the menu to the left.      

Gandalf will visit RingCon – Bonn, Germany

Gandalf has started his European tour and goes straight into the best of fun. Gandalf has crossed the ocean safely and was handed over to the first participant in Germany (pictures will follow later). This upcoming weekend (October 14th till 16th) he will be attending the biggest LOTR/fantasy convention in Europe, RingCon ( Hopefully he will meet some actors and loads of other fans. After his visit to RingCon he will continue his journey in Europe towards Belgium and France.

Gandalf visits the Baggins’ Birthday Bash in LA

On Saturday, September 24, 2011, Gandalf made a little stop at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, the site of TORn’s annual Baggins’ Birthday Bash. During the party there was Hobbit style feasting, contests, music and a rousing game of Golfimbul. Prizes were awarded, fun was had, and good eats abounded. TORn hosts this party every year, but we rarely get such a special guest as Gandalf. In these pictures we see Gandalf watching a pair of rangers play the Bagpipes and Bodhran, and the ever popular Golfimbul...