Gandalf World Tour starts at Comic-Con 2011 has been formally presenting discussion about the Lord of the Rings films and The Hobbit for a decade at places like Comic-Con and DragonCon. So it was natural that in San Diego this year at Comic-Con, TORn announced the fan-driven Gandalf World Tour.

The idea is to get a pair of statues of Gandalf in the hands of fans across the United States and Europe and one of the biggest popular culture events in the entire world seemed like the perfect place. With a standing-room-only crowd gathered at the very opening of Comic-Con’s programming schedule to hear about The Hobbit, the group also was the first to hear the plan presented and the first to get the details on how to participate.

Already dozens of people from the enthusiastic crowds have written to to get on the list of possible participants and start drawing the map of where Gandalf can go from fan to fan to fan, traveling the U.S. and Europe.

In fact, to carry the momentum from Comic-Con in Los Angeles to DragonCon in Atlanta, a group of TORn staffers will be making a coast-to-coast road trip (almost) and bringing Gandalf along to sample the sights with stops planned in Arches National Park, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee and of course, Georgia and DragonCon. All of this will be brought to you live as well, via Stickam as we transport Gandalf for miles and miles.

TORn is actively seeking somebody at DragonCon that will be traveling to Europe and wants an extra protected Gandalf luggage item. Hit us at if you are available take him across the Atlantic.